Bulk domain availability checker script

Pure php based domain availability checker script. This script can check domain availability without whois lookup. And supports all TLDs over internet

How it works?

Each registered domain has its own ns (name server) entry. Which can be checked using dns_get_record() function. In this script we check whether queried domain has it ns entry or not if we found it then it is not available.

PHP function to check domain availability

function domain_availability($domains){
foreach ($domains as $domain) 
	$ns=  @dns_get_record($domain,DNS_NS);
return $rs;


array domain_availability(array $domainlist)

function takes array of domains as parameter and returns array which has domain name as key and value ( 1 for available and 0 for not available )




[google.com] => 0
[hsghjgsy.org] => 1
[jsdhjs.es] => 1
[aajjks.eu] => 1
[sjdjsd.in] => 1

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6 thoughts on “Bulk domain availability checker script

  1. heba3030

    thanks very much for your code
    thanks man

  2. Sarah McDonough

    very handy code for checking bulk domain names – thank you!

  3. Kien Vang

    Thank you.
    I want check ajax with jquery, but unknown

  4. Martin Kellerman

    Sometimes, domains that are not available are shown as available by this script. It isn’t 100% reliable.

  5. Ualace

    Hello I know the post is old but how can I get return of reverse dns.
    Searching for a domain or ip in a form.
    Taking reverse dns example
    .in-addr.arpa rdns.domain.com
    Could help

    1. Sunny Post author

      use gethostbyaddr(IP-TO-LOOKUP) php function for reverse dns lookup


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