Get address from Latitude/Longitude in php

Conversion of geo-coordinates into address is known as Reverse Geocoding. In this script we are using Google map API because it’s free, fast and no API key required.

Rate Limit of Google reveres Geocoding is 2500 API calls per IP per day.

PHP function for Reveres Geocoding

function getaddress($lat,$lng)
$url = ''.trim($lat).','.trim($lng).'&sensor=false';
$json = @file_get_contents($url);
$status = $data->status;
return $data->results[0]->formatted_address;
return false;

Pass latitude and longitude in getaddress() function. It will return address string on success otherwise return boolean false.


$lat= 26.754347; //latitude
$lng= 81.001640; //longitude
$address= getaddress($lat,$lng);
echo $address;
echo "Not found";

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  1. Nice tutorial . Thanks for sharing with us .

    But I faced a problem , sometimes when I run your code , address isn’t available for the same Latitude and longitude I used before and got address by same code.

    Any solution ?

    Thanks in Advance again .

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