List of English Stop words

Stop Words are words which do not contain important significance to be used in Search Queries. Most search engine filters these words from search query before performing search, this improves performance.

Mysql full-text search also fillers some stop words which can be found in the storage/myisam/ft_static.c file. See List of Mysql Stop word

We have created the list of English stop words to use in Keywords Density Checker tool.
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Convert relative path into absolute url

I was developing a tool which extracts all links from webpage but I was getting relative path (e.g. /dir/page.html) instead of absolute url (e.g. Most of websites use relative path to link internal page and browser can convert in into absolute url but php don’t have any inbuilt function to do this. So after searching internet I found one which can convert relative path into absolute url. This is one of the important function for php programmer but missing in php language Continue reading

Read Rss/Atom feed using php

Web feed is a data format used to provide updates for blog or website. Most common types of feed are Rss and Atom. In this article you will learn how to read these feeds using php.

As we know that feeds are generated by using XML, so generic way to parse it by using php5 simplexml_load_file function. But we have to write different functions to parse different types of feed and versions.

To do this in simple way there is a php class named SimplePie

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