Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density is a term that defines the frequency of keyword or phrase used in web page. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase. For example a shopping website may have higher keyword density for keywords shopping, buy, online, store. Many SEO experts consider the optimum keyword density to be 1 to 3 percent. Using a keyword more than that could be considered Keyword stuffing.

Use this tool to check keyword density of your website. It will display keywords density along with keyword cloud. Keyword Cloud is a visual depiction of keywords used on a website, keywords having higer occurrence frequency are displayed in a larger fonts.

How this tool works?

This tool extracts all keywords from webpage and filters common English words like a, the, we, are etc. Then it calculates the occurrence frequency of each unique keyword.

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